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Climate change, decarbonisation and coal regions transition
We present an analysis on the global violet and green wave as one of current global drives, the need to adapt to climate change, and decarbonisation as an urgent task. We propose a cross-border appro...
Cross-border observation, interaction and institutionalisation
A traditional scenario of successful institutional CBC is the French-German border, where a renewed Treaty has been recently signed, breathing new life into their place at the centre of the EU, and s...
Brexit and new challenges
Following our series of articles and review around Brexit, here we analyse latest developments, a study of the Bertelsmann Foundation on the impact of Brexit on Europe’s countries and regions, ...
EUREGHA event on CB Health in Lower Austria
There is a growing interest in the development of deeper CBC on healthcare issues. Here you will find some links to interesting documents and the initiative of EUREGHA and partners in this direction,...