7th June - African Borders Day: Join the AEBR video conference!

Veranstaltungsort: City of Arica, Chile


Commemorating the “African Borders Day” on the 7th June, the AEBR is organising a video conference.
The AEBR will connect from the city of Arica (Region of Arica and Parinacota, Chile), which is located in Northern Chile, very close to the city of Tacna in Peru. Also for the city of Arica, 7th June is a very important date with border relevance.
The AEBR (Martin Guillermo, Secretary General) will connect at 8.30am (time in Chile), 13.30 (time in Edinburgh), 14.30 (time in Brussels), 9.30am (time in Iguassu).
Intendente Sr. José Durana Semir, Governor of the Region of Arica and Parinacota (Chile) will welcome the participants in this very important date for his region, showing its will to ask for an American declaration regarding this date.
The floor will also be given to the Centre of African Studies at the University of Edinburgh. The CAS celebrates its 50th anniversary and hosts on 6th-8th June the Conference CAS@50, Cutting Edges and Retrospectives, gathering several African institutions and relevant personalities in the field. They will connect on the central day of this conference, and interventions are expected from:
• Professor Paul Nugent, Director of the CAS
• Dr. Wolfgang Zeller, Coordinator, African Borderlands Research Network (ABORNE)
• Mrs Kinza Jawara-N’jai, Principal Programme Officer and Head of Division of Cross-Border Co-operation at the ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States)
• Mr. Wafula Okumu, African Union Border Programme
• Professor Anthony I. Asiwaju
The AEBR will then take the floor to declare the decision of the AEBR Executive Committee to ask the EU institutions to declare this date as “European Day of Integration across Borders”, with the final aim of declare it at a global level. The “World Day of Integration Across Borders” would be the main target of this initiative. Another wording of this proposal is still possible, please feel free to inform us about your opinion.
The Floor will also be given to Brussels (DG Regio).
Other participants in this African-American-European network initiative could also join. For instance, some stakeholders in Iguassu, at the Triple Border Argentina-Brazil-Paraguay have shown their interest to join with a message: Luiz Rolim de Moura (SEBRAE)

If you are interested in joining this online conference, please contact the AEBR head office ( before 10h00 on Wednesday, 6 June 2012 for further information on how to get connected.
Practical recommendations:
• Please send us your Skype contact as soon as possible to include you amongst the contacts.
• Please be also ready to put little signs in front of you indicating your region or your institution, so that the other participants can recognise where the image is being broadcasted from.
• A first test will take place on Wednesday, 6th June, from Mr Guillermo’s computer in Chile to Mr. Zeller’s computer in Edinburgh. There will be another test some minutes before the conference from Arica to Edinburgh and anyone else confirming this beforehand.
• The AEBR will open the connection and moderate the interventions from Iquique. Then the floor will be given to Edinburgh, where Prof. Nugent could moderate the speakers from there. The moderation can be given back to Arica, where the AEBR will make a statement, and then the floor will be given to Brussels, and afterwards to Iguassu. In the meantime, it could be that others could try to take part. Every connection will be authorized from Arica.
• Anytime, the moderator should clearly give the floor to the next speaker, taking into account that Skype often creates a small time delay in the connections because the signal travels so far via various satellites. So it would be important for the host to take a clear moderation role and define a time when all participants should be online and ready.
• Interventions should be very brief, one or two minutes would be the best, followed by a second round of statements.