International Day of Integration across Borders

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The AEBR is promoting the African Borders’ Day on 7th June to be an International day for Integration across National Boundaries. To this end, some agreements have been made at African, European and Latin American levels. A UN Resolution in this regard, submitted by a Member State to the UN General Assembly is the next step.
On 7th June 2011, the African Union launched the African Borders’s Day
On 7th June 2012, a videoconference with African, European and Latin American stakeholders celebrated the Day and supported the idea to become global.
On 7th June 2013, the AEBR organizes a workshop in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to discuss CBC between the EU and the Western African seaboard.
On 7h June 2014, the AEBR will organize a workshop in the framework of the World Conference of the Association of Borderland Studies in Joensuu (Euroregion Karelia, Finland)