II Workshop AEBR – Casa África “Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) in West Africa: support to integrated and sustainable development and cross-border cooperation between Macaronesia, Cape Verde and Senegal”

Veranstaltungsort: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

09:00 h Welcome: Casa África, AEBR, Institutions
Confirmation of Agenda

09:30 h Presentation of preliminary findings of the fieldwork realized in the framework
of the project
Haris Martinos, AEBR Expert

10:00 h First working session / Opening Statements
European Commission, Charles White
Casa África
Government of Canarias
West Africa Institute, Prof Dr Djénéba Traoré

11:30 h Coffee break

12:00 h Second working session / Statements from Networks & NGOs
Rafael Hueso, Basque Country, FOGAR
Mamadou Dior Diaw, GLF
Januário Nascimento, ADAD

13:00 h Debate – Issues and challenges
Opening: Fátima Timas, Jean-Louis Sanka

14:00 h Lunch

15:30 h Debate – Towards an Action Plan
Opening: Irene Ruiz, José María Cruz Rodríguez

16:30 h Final session: Conclusions

17:00 h End of the workshop

18:00 h Celebration of 7th June as Integration Day across Borders
Martín Guillermo Ramírez, Secretary General of AEBR