17/2/2014 – "Agricultural Genetic Resources – from conservation to sustainable use" - Stakeholder consultation by CoR Rapporteur Mr Giuseppe VARACALLI (IT/ALDE – NAT)

Veranstaltungsort: Committee of the Regions, Brussels

The Committee of the Regions (CoR) is drafting an opinion on European Commission's report on "agricultural genetic resources: from conservation to sustainable use" (COM(2013) 838final).
The conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources in agriculture are essential to the sustainable development of agricultural production and of rural areas. The Community programme on the conservation, characterisation, collection and utilisation of genetic resources in agriculture promotes genetic diversity and the exchange of information including close co-ordination between Member States and between the Member States and the European Commission. It also facilitates co-ordination in the field of international undertakings on genetic resources.
The rapporteur on the opinion, Mr Giuseppe VARACALLI (IT/ALDE), Mayor of Gerace, RC, together with his expert, Mr Carmelo BARBARO, would be happy to meet with representatives of local and regional associations and other stakeholders for a consultation and an exchange of views on the relevant topic of this opinion. A working document will be available at the beginning of February.
The consultation will take place on:

Monday 17 February 2014 between 10.00 a.m. and 12 noon
in the Committee of the Regions building
(Rue Belliard 99-101, B-1040 Brussels)
Room JDE 70

The rapporteur would be very keen to hear your views during the meeting. After a short introduction by the rapporteur, stakeholders will be invited to exchange views with the rapporteur.
In addition, if you have any position papers relevant to the subject, you are welcome to send them to us by
e-mail using the addresses below.

The meeting will be held in Italian with simultaneous interpreting, allowing you to speak in English and French as well. Please note that the rapporteur's mother tongue is Italian.

You can already register to participate in this debate to shape the rapporteur's views. For practical reasons, you are kindly asked to register your participation before 1.00 p.m. on Friday, 14 February 2014 via the following link.

For more information, please contact our team:
For the NAT Commission secretariat: Ms Hélène Moraut, Tel: +32 2 282 2161

For stakeholder relations: Mr Peter Verlinden, Tel: +32 2 282 2170