7 June: Day of African Borders - Proposed International Day of Integration Across National Boundaries

AEBR Videoconference
Veranstaltungsort: Office of the Euroregion Karelia (Finland-Russia)

Pre-conference event in the framework of the World Conference of the Association for Borderland Studies (9th – 14th June 2014, Joensuu and St. Petersburg)


16:00 h (CET+1) Connection via Skype from Joensuu probably per groups / AEBR online channel in You Tube (in progress)
Opening: n.n., North Karelia
Introduction: Martín Guillermo Ramírez, AEBR Secretary General

16:05 h African Union Border Programme:

16:10 h MERCOSUR (- 6 h, 10:10 h): the Triple Border Argentine-Brazil-Paraguay:

16:15 h México (- 8 h, 08:00 h):

16:20 h Central America (- 9 h, 07:20 h): Trifinio, Fonseca, Sixaola, Northern and Southern Central American borders:

16:25 h Andean border regions (- 8 h, 08:25 h): Javier Lossio, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Peru
(Lima, Peru) /

16:30 h Berlin (- 1 h, 15:30 h):

16:30 h Brussels (- 1 h, 15:30 h):

16:35 h Jerusalem (16:35 h):

16:40 h China/Japan

16:45 h United States:
(…) Casa África (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria); n.n., Kharkiv (Euroregion Slovozhanschina,
Ukraine); n.n., Kaliningrad (Russian Federation)

16:50 h Conclusions: letter to be addressed to several Member States of the United Nations
Organization, asking to propose a Resolution of the General Assembly declaring
the 7th June as the International Day of Integration across National
Boundaries (read by a Finn youngster)

17:00 h Closing of the videoconference