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Second Meeting of the AEBR TF INTERREG

Veranstaltungsort: Kulturbrauerei Görlitz

Mr. Doede Sijtsma, Province of Gelderland

AEBR Taskforce Interreg
2nd Meeting, Görlitz, 22. September 2016, 17.00h.
1. Opening and (if necessary) introduction of the participants
The Executive Board of the AEBR decided in February 2016 to set up a taskforce on Interreg. Both the interests of the AEBR-members in the actual implementation of the Interreg-programmes and in the future of the programmes after 2020, will be discusses in this taskforce. The taskforce is chaired by Michiel Scheffer (Gelderland), member of the executive boards of the AEBR. The membership of the AEBR-taskforce is open to interested members.

2. Results of the AEBR Questionnaire on People-to-People-projects
The first tangible result of the taskforce has been a questionnaire on the implementation of People-to-people-projects in the different Interreg-A-programmes in Europe. The questionnaire – made by Carsten Jacob and Wilhelm Petri – and the letter of the EU regarding this issue are attached to this agenda. The AEBR received 39 reactions from its members, which is a good response. Some members of the taskforce are working on the evaluation of the results of the questionnaire. However, in the meeting we will present a first general impression and discuss the next steps to be taken.

3. Reports on meetings with EU-officials on the future of the European cohesion policy and territorial cooperation after 2020
It is clear that at European level the Brexit-discussion will take time and energy, very much needed to discuss the future of the cohesion policy in Europe. It will also influence the direction of this policy. In the last months the chairman of the taskforce had several meetings in Brussels with representative of the European Commission and DG Regio. In the meeting he will report. After this reporting he would like to discuss the steps to be taken to bring the members participation in the future of the European territorial cooperation to a next level.

4. Any other business and planning of a next meeting