08.05. - 09.05.2017

8-9 May 2017, Switzerland: AEBR Task Force of External Borders Meeting & GFGZ Seminar "Fascination of the EU-External-Border in the middle of Europe"

Veranstaltungsort: Neuhausen at the Rhine Falls

Johannes Moisio,
Florian Schmid,

Switzerland is a special! No only because of it’s chocolate, watches and mountains. Switzerland is a Non-EU-member in the middle of Europe. This means, that the Swiss-Border-Areas around Switzerland with it’s neighbors Germany, Austria, Italy and France are EU-External-Border-Areas in the middle of Europe.

What does it mean for the people? What are the specialities to other border regions? Are there any models for other EU-External-Border-Areas, for example for Russia, the Ukraine or Serbia?

The seminar should give inputs, possibilities for discussions and analyses, a little excursion and networking between the Task Force Members and guests of different regions of Europe.