Badajoz, 26 October 2017: Workshop of the AEBR Task Force External Borders (TFEB)

Beginning: 12.15h, Working Language: English
Veranstaltungsort: Edificio Siglo XXI, Paseo Fluvial 15, E-06011 Badajoz (Spain)

Johannes Moisio, Chair of the TFEB

This workshop will start at 12:15h on Thursday, 26 October 2017.


1. Opening words, Johannes Moisio

2. TFEB 10 years anniversary. Anniversary publication will be given out to the public

3. 10th AEBR Youth Forum preparations. Reporter: Ms Anna Pidgorna from Kharkiv region

4. Preparations for the First Border Youth Innovation Forum, Spring 2018 in Drama, Drama Chamber

5. Report from All Russian Forum’s 10th International Round Table & TFEB 10 Years joint celebration in St. Petersburg, Ms. Elena Sadovnikova

6. Sub Task Force for Equal Opportunities – Road map for 2018

7. Balkan Group of Young Leaders in CBC, Ms. Ana Nikolov

8. Info Centres and other events in 2018

9- Nordic Council of Ministers MMO-project and new project initiatives


Registration until 13 October 2017 requested:
Online Registration.