16 November 2017, Brussels: Kick-off and 1st Steering Committee meeting Cross-border Public Services

10:15 - 16:00
Veranstaltungsort: Brussels

Simone Göcken (

Kick-off & 1st Steering Committee Meeting of the ESPON project "Cross-border Public Services"


1. Welcome and presentation of participants by ESPON

2. Presentation of the stakeholders’ general expectations regarding CPS by AEBR and Region Sønderjylland – Schleswig Joint Secretariat & Infocenter

3. Feedback on stakeholders’ individual knowledge needs and expectations

4. Feedback on other steering committee organizations’ expectations

5. Presentation of tender by the Research Team

6. Lunch break (sandwiches)

7. Discussion about the survey on cross-border public services to be launched at the beginning of the project by the Research Team and all members of the committee

8. Discussion about tender and feedback from evaluation committee

9. Next steps: Functioning of the CPS Steering Committee - Information flow and meetings, role of the stakeholders by ESPON

10. Support from the ESPON EGTC to the service provider by ESPON

11. Timing of deliveries and meetings by ESPON

12. Administrative and contractual elements by ESPON

13. AOB