Committee of the Regions

Photo: European Commission
Particularly worth mentioning is the study "The Status Quo of Trans-European Co-operation between Territorial Authorities and Future Steps that Contribute to Realise a New Model of European Governance" (Stumm/Gabbe 2001), which AEBR worked out on behalf of the CoR. This study contains practical proposals on how to improve the legal instruments by which projects are governed (European Economic Interest Groupings), and cross-border co-operation in general by creating European associations or groupings. Based upon this study, the CoR developed its "Strategies for Promoting Cross-border and Inter-regional Co-operation in an Enlarged EU".

The AEBR has also produced studies for the CoR on the legal instrument for Territorial Cooperation, and takes regularly part in different hearings and consultations on different territorial topics of interest for European border and cross-border regions.