Nordic Council of Ministers

AEBR supported the implementation of the INTERREG Programmes in Scandinavia by organising several information seminars and meetings, both for land and maritime borders.

On initiative of AEBR, the Nordic Council of Ministers thoroughly dealt with border problems from 1999-2002 and presented potential solutions to the Scandinavian governments (Ole Norrback, Stuttrapport ANP 2002:719).

The Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM), formed in 1971, is the forum for Nordic governmental co-operation (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and autonomous regions of Faroe Islands, Greenland and Ã…land). More information on

Nordic cross-border programme regions

In 2007 the Nordic Freedom of Movement Forum was established, and Ole Norrback, a former Finnish Minister for Nordic Co-operation and diplomat, will head it up for the next three years. The forum will submit an in-depth report every year, identifying obstacles to cross-border freedom of movement, proposing changes and presenting solutions directly to the Nordic Prime Ministers. Initially, the Forum will focus on tax and welfare issues. Over the next three years the Forum will also look into pensions, qualifications, telephone costs, rules for pensionable income, etc. The Forum's Secretariat will be based at the Nordic Council of Ministers offices in Copenhagen.

The NCM operates an information service Hello Norden providing information about everything from health insurance, pensions, tax, unemployment benefit and scholarships to educational and job opportunities for persons moving to other Nordic country ( The new portal on taxes in the Nordic countries has been launched in 2005 ( Since 2003 the statistical information about commuting between Nordic countries is being collected and "commuting maps" are being developed. In 1997 the NCM established Nordregio, European centre for research, education and documentation on spatial development (

The Nordic Council of Ministers is represented in the Executive Committee of the AEBR.