ULYSSES (2010-2012)

Project title: ULYSSES (2010-2012) - Using applied research results from ESPON as a yardstick for cross-border spatial development
Project starting date: 2010
Project end date: 2012
Project duration: 24 months

Under Priority 2 (“Targeted analysis on user demand”), the ESPON 2013 Programme provides an opportunity to stakeholders for (1) enhancing their understanding of the larger territorial context, (2) making comparisons to other territories, regions and cities, and (3) hereby providing a European perspective to considerations on the development of their territories.

ULYSSES aims at achieving the following three objectives:

  1. To generally raise the awareness among the involved stakeholders on the basic function / the practical utility of decentralised cross-border spatial development and to promote a more widespread use of ESPON research results for elaborating high-quality cross-border spatial development concepts.
  2. To realise multi-thematic territorial analyses for a number of cross-border areas that make use of available ESPON applied research results and other local analyses / data, mainly for initiating more comprehensive processes that will lead to an up-grading of already existing cross-border spatial development concepts and an elaboration of new ones by taking into consideration future territorial challenges that are pin-pointed by the ESPON 2006 Programme / the current ESPON 2013 Programme.
  3. To promote a further application of targeted research results in the selected CBC areas and to review the general usefulness of applied research results produced by the ESPON Programme in the context of cross-border spatial development, while disseminating widely the practical experiences made with the ULYSSES project.

More detailed information is contained in the "Project outline"


Partners of the ULYSSES project: 

- Région Alsace                                                                            

- Regio Basiliensis

- Regionalverband Mittlerer Oberrhein

- Regionalverband Südlicher Oberrhein


- Prefectural Authority of Drama-Kavala-Xanthi

- Regional Council of North Karelia

- Government of Navarra, Department of Housing and Spatial Planning

- Regional Development and Spatial Planning Commission of Alentejo– Spatial Planning and Land Management Direction

- General Direction of Urbanism and Spatial Planning, Ministry of Building, Regional Government of Extremadura

- The Öresund Committee

- Danube-Kris-Mures-Tisa Euroregional  Development Agency Public Utility Company

- City of Szczecin, Mayors’ Office

- EuRegio Salzburg – Berchtesgadener Land – Traunstein

- Regione Autonoma Friuli Venzia Giulia

- Working Community of the Pyrenees (France/Spain)

- PI Nemunas Euroregion Marijampole Bureau

- Ems Dollart Region

Help Desk: Association of European Border Regions (AEBR)




-> 8 March 2011: 1st Joint Workshop, Strasbourg/Alsace (France)

-> 20 October 2010: ULYSSES KICK-OFF MEETING, Dundalk/East Border Region  (R.o. Ireland)

     Agenda / Minutes

-> 21 November 2011: 2nd Joint Workshop, Barcelona/Catalunya (Spain)

-> 17 September 2012: Closing Seminar, Strasbourg/Alsace (France)


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