LACE TACIS CBC (2000-2001)

Project title: LACE TACIS CBC (2000-2001) - Regional Capacity Building Initiative 1997
Project number: 99-0262.01
Project starting date: 11.04.2000
Project end date: 10.04.2001
Project duration: 12 months
Countries: Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine

Project objectives:

In the long-term: Increase the capacity of regional/local actors to engage in cross-border co-operation activities and prepare the eligible border regions for the implementation of the 1998 and future TACIS CBC programmes; Immediate objective: Strengthen strategy / programme and project development skills of regional/local actors and contribute to institutional strengthening.


On-going assistance by Long-term Experts provided; Local RCBI offices and regional/local CBC working groups established; Training seminars/workshops and related materials; TACIS CBC Manual produced and disseminated; Country Assessment Reports on state of CBC and on progress and results of process of ‘Strategy Development’; Web site developed; Progress reports.

Project activities:

Provision of long-term (Four Long-Term experts based in the target regions) and short-term expert advice/training (Senior International Advisers and Training Experts) on the development of cross-border co-operation strategies, programmes and projects and institutional strengthening; Training seminars and placements for regional/local CBC actors.

A full description of the activities carried out within the TACIS CBC project can be found in the final report.

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