LACE Phare CBC (1999-2000)

Project title: LACE Phare CBC (1999-2000) -
Project number: Phare Service Contract (Number 99-0082.00) financed under PHARE ZZ9718.01.01 and 9718.02.01
Project starting date: 08-1999
Project end date: 12-2000
Project duration: The effective duration of the project was from August 1999 to December 2000. The original contract took effect on 4 August 1999 with a legal duration of 20 months, but it was subsequently amended, at the initiative of the European Commission, to end on 31 December 2000.

The objectives of this project were to improve the capacity of local and regional level authorities and other organizations to engage effectively in cross-border cooperation and to prepare for participation in EU structural fund-type operations (in the case of candidate countries), through networking, information and training activities.

According to the original contract all border regions in Phare beneficiary countries, covered by the Phare CBC and CREDO programmes, were eligible for participating in the activities of this project. The contract was subsequently amended, at the initiative of the Commission, and with effect from 8/3/2000 all border regions on borders involving non-candidate countries (except BG/FYROM and AL/FYROM) did not any more participate directly in the activities of the project.  Border regions on the borders with the EU and on borders between candidate countries were unaffected. The direct beneficiaries of the activities of the project were local/regional authorities and other organizations and individuals working in the eligible border regions.

The activities of this project were coordinated with similar activities of the AEBR’s LACE-TAP project, concerning border regions in the Member States of the EU, notably workshops and seminars concerning EU/CEC borders, the production of a new version of the LACE Practical Guide, country assessment reports,  Practical Manual, and the work of the Scientific Technical Committee.

The first LACE/PHARE project was implemented between January 1996 and April 1997.

A full description of the activities carried out within the PHARE CBC projects can be found in the final reports.

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