INTERACT – ESPON Joint Seminar “European Territorial Cooperation Delivering Europe 2020. Focus on Evidence Based Results”

Location: Luxembourg

Contact person
Peter Mehlbye, Director
ESPON Coordination Unit

INTERACT and ESPON are jointly organising a seminar on “European Territorial Cooperation Delivering Europe 2020. Focus on Evidence Based Results” which takes place in Luxembourg City, on 25th September 2012.

Europe 2020 Strategy calls for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. This growth should take into account the diversity of the potential offered by the European regions and cooperation areas.

By end of 2013, many national and regional authorities acting as Managing Authorities will submit their operational programmes to the European Commission. In support of this programming, ESPON offers substantial territorial evidence on a large number of relevant themes as well as useful tools supporting the necessary analyses positioning and benchmarking SF programme areas in the European context.

At the seminar, ESPON will deliver the first factsheets with relevant European territorial evidence to European Territorial Cooperation programmes within Structural Funds. These are part of an ESPON project on Territorial Evidence Packs that are designated to support other SF programmes in their efforts to make new Operational Programmes for 2014-2020 more evidence-informed.

The Seminar will promote exchange of opinions and support the territorial dimension of 2014-2020 programmes and take a closer look at ESPON pan-European evidence and knowledge about European territorial structures, trends, perspectives and policy impacts which enable comparisons amongst regions and cities.

Policy makers shall even more in the current economic climate deliver results which are based on evidence in order to ensure the most efficient spending of funds. Programme strategies, thematic priorities and projects shall deliver coherently. At this Seminar Managing Authorities will be helped to make use of the available ESPON research results, analyses, data, indicators and tailor made tools that fits the ideas and visions for their Operational Programmes for 2014-2020.

The seminar welcomes regional, national and European level decision makers and programme managers involved in designing Operational Programmes for 2014-2020.
Specific objectives of the Seminar are:
- To discuss what the three main EU 2020 objectives imply, their territorial dimension and where territorial cooperation programmes have the best potential to contribute to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.
- To inform stakeholders about the latest 2014-2020 related developments: policy and legal changes, programme design and implementation related guidance.
- To provide insight into the efforts made by INTERACT and the territorial evidence and tools provided by ESPON, but also by the EC and ETC community itself, to help prepare for 2014-2020.
- To showcase the territorial evidence, data and tools available from ESPON that exist for adding pan-European evidence and information to the situation analyses, strategy building and programme implementation.
- To collect ideas and discuss ways how ETC programmes would ensure shift towards more strategic and focused performance.

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