Copernicus4Regions 2nd briefing

Location: Unioncamere Lombardia, Place du Champ de Mars 2, 1050 Brussels

Contact person
Anett Ruszanov
Projects Manager
3 rue du Luxembourg, 1000 Brussels

Following the first briefing on 7th November 2011, ERRIN is organizing a second session with the support of DORIS_NET on the socio-economic benefits and the future of Copernicus. We will showcase regional public sector and company examples to highlight the importance, the need and the availability of Copernicus services from user and from provider points of view.

Objectives of the event:

a user-oriented event,
future legacy of Copernicus4Regions and its benefits, including social and economic benefits, contribution of Copernicus applications to “growth and jobs” of a region
promoting the achievements of GRAAL and DORIS_NET (DORIS_NET is a sister project of GRAAL. The two projects together constitute the COPERNICUS4REGIONS platform

All information and registration: