20.06. - 27.06.2013

20 participants from all over Europe will meet at the end of june (20.-27.6.2013) in Schloß Trebnitz to think about the future. They will produce their own radio show: Overcoming boundaries in Europe

Location: Bildungsstätte Schloß Trebnitz

Contact person
Christopher Lucht
Perspektive Europa
Göhrenerstrasse 11
D-10437 Berlin
Tel.: 0049 30 - 4403 8320
Fax: 0049 177 - 3378 468

Title: Overcoming boundaries in Europe – a scenario workshop

People with experiences in European  boundaries who are not afraid of the future and who wants to join the experiment to produce their own radio programme.

Main activities / Workshop programme

Would you like to take a look into Europe´s future?  Do you want to find out, how the daily life  at a fictional internal EU border will be in the Year 2025?  You mean that doesn´t work?  Get convinced to the contrary  ! This Workshop will offer you the necessary tools. The scenario-approach will help you to develop different stories about the future  in an European border region and  to describe different realities for the year 2025. Based on theses stories you will produce a radio programme for the world wide web.  In order to be suitable prepared  we will travel to the nearby german-polish border towns Frankfurt (Oder) and Slubice. There you will have a look  at best practice projects. And you will experience the frontier with all its problems, chances and perspectives at first hand.   

Expected Results
The workshop is based on three pillars: The topic – European frontiers - , the approach – scenario -  and the communication-instrument – internetradio.
Within the workshop you will reflect on the effects, that living at an internal European border have on you.  By developing an individual strategy you learn how to benefit from that situation. You will get to know the scenario-approach, you can use in many situations of your daily life, to look into the future. A scenario helps you to decide how to act today to influence the future in your sense in a positive way.    Besides you will learn what you  need and how to produce a radio programme or a podcast for the world wide web and you  will approve your internet skills. All theses instruments and approaches can help you to overcome frontiers.  

Practical arrangements
The accomodations will be directly in the Schloß Trebnitz within the new and modern part of our  building complex in single rooms. In September 2012 the new part of the building will be finished, 10 rooms will be equipped for handicapped use. So we are able to receive also handicapped participants.     
You can arrive by car, train or plain over the airport Berlin-Schöneberg. Trebnitz  is located at the railwayline Berlin/Lichtenberg – Kostrzyn with trains ever hour. (If you give us the time of your arrival we will organise the transport from the station Trebnitz to the location). The excursions will be by  modern travelbus. 

Sufficient staff are available with the skills and qualification needed to attend the participants. The workshop-team and the teamers are all  the time locally present, approachable and helpful.  We have lots of possibilities and equipments to spend  the leisure time and the evenings like a bar, volleyball, table tennis, cooking, television, WLAN, billiard and society games. There is the possibility for a barbecue, music and bonfire. Within the nearby surroundings there are some interesting cultural and touristic offers, that we will benefit from. (f.ex. Schloß Neuhardenberg)