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19 September 2013: Brainstorming meeting of the AEBR Task Force 'Cross-Border Culture'

Location: Gallerie “Les Drapiers”, Rue Hors Château 68, B-4000 Liège,
Contact person
Rudolf Godesar
Task Force Cross Border Culture AEBR
B – Gospertstraße 42, 4700 EUPEN
Tel. + 32.474.65.07.14;

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

I hereby wish to invite you in the name of the AEBR and its Task Force Cross-Border Culture to a brainstorming, which will take place on September 19th in Liège, Belgium.

After having defined last year in Berlin that the role of the Task Force CBC should mainly consist in supporting cultural cooperation in Europe through the realization of concrete projects, this meeting shall determine more precisely the working method of the Task Force CBC.

We will try to find out how we can as a European network select projects and can help artists, artistic groups or cultural actors to start cross-border, transnational or European projects they wish to realize. This can eventually be done in cooperation with other European cultural networks.

This is why we will also invite representatives of other networks, as well as artists, who (wish to) realize projects on a European scale.

If you know artists or groups you think we should absolutely invite to such a brainstorming, I kindly ask you to send me his contact information as soon as possible.

This brainstorming is thought as a preparation and possibly as an input for the regular AEBR’s Task Force CBC meeting which will take place on the occasion of the annual assembly on November 8th in Liège/Maastricht.

In order to maintain the brainstorming character of this meeting, we will try to limit the number of participants to 10 – 12 persons.

You can find the practical information in annexe.

May I ask you to confirm me your participation until September 1th, using the
registration form in annexe?

I hope to be able to welcome you on September 19th.

Kind regards,

Rudolf Godesar
Task Force Cross Border Culture AEBR