11:15-13:00 OPEN DAYS WORKSHOP 09B07 - The European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation: Cross-border players in the Single Market

Location: Committee of the Regions, Brussels

In line with the action on ’The EGTC – beyond regional policy’, this CoR workshop of the EGTC Platform intends to explore the implications and possibilities of EGTCs related to the Single Market, looking forward to 2020. These groupings are entities with their own legal personalities that operate simultaneously in two or more Member States, on behalf of the regional and local authorities that compose them. EGTCs bring to the agenda elements like public procurement, cross-border employment, services of general interest, financial markets, administrative services and many other aspects, helping to create a better environment for business, workers and students.
This workshop is followed by a networking session.

AEBR Secretary General Martín Guillermo Ramírez is one of the speakers in this workshop.

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