AEBR Task Force Cross Border Culture, meeting: 8/11 at 3 pm Maastricht-Liège boat-trip

Location: Maastricht, NL

Contact person
Rudolf Godesar
AEBR Task Force Cross-Border Culture, Coordinator
B – Gospertstraße 42, 4700 EUPEN
Tel: +32 (0) 87/ 789 630;
GSM: +32.474.65.07.14;

Dear friends and members of the AEBR Task Force Culture,

The preparations for the next Task Force Culture meeting that will take place during the annual conference started and we are actually quite busy preparing a whole range of preparatory activities.

Similar to last years’ inaugural meeting, we do not only invite the AEBR members but decided to extend our meeting to non-member artists and also increasingly to the major culture networks across Europe.

One of the starting points of our Task Force was the request of Maastricht towards AEBR to support the European-wide culture cooperation and we have subsequently been cooperating with Maastricht within the context of their candidacy to become European Capital of Culture 2018.

September 2013, the European Jury unfortunately decided not to nominate the City of Maastricht and to nominate Leeuwarden as Capital of Culture 2018. We take this opportunity to congratulate Leeuwarden.

Starting from what was discussed last year July and November, first in San Sebastian and later on in Berlin and what was further discussed during the first half of this year in Maastricht, in Santiago de Compostella in Bolzano and in the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion, we initiated some very interesting meeting after the summer break of which you find a chronological transcript overview in the annex.

Could you please let me know a.s.a.p. if you participate in the meeting on 8 November that will take place during the boat trip from Maastricht to Liege from 3 pm till 6pm?

We will try to ensure the translation EN/FR/DE

Whenever you prefer, you can also already participate in the morning at the 9am Liege to Maastricht boat trip and either participate in the reception of the city of Maastricht.
I‘ll soon be able to send you the draft agenda.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all in November.

Kind regards,


Rudolf Godesar
AEBR Task Force Cross-Border Culture, Coordinator:
B - Gospertstraße 42, 4700 Eupen
Tel: +32 (0) 87/789 630;
GSM: +32.474.65.07.14;