2 April 2014: Conference entitled "The Roadmap for the Carpathian macro-regional strategy"

Location: Rzeszów, Poland

Contact person
Tomasz Poręba, Member of the European Parliament
RSVP: or via telephone: +32 486 322 446

The aim of the conference is to present a concrete action plan and to work out a roadmap leading to the establishment of the Carpathian Strategy. Top-down engagement into Carpathian Region's issues of the local authorities, local self-governments, inhabitants along with intensive initiatives undertaken from the bottom up by non-governmental organizations, experts and the scientific world, confirm the need for the mobilization and concentration of the European Union's activities in the region.

Carpathian Region needs immediate transport infrastructure, environmental investments and support for local entrepreneurship. The macro-regional strategy would respond to these needs as this region needs a separate European programme more than others. Currently existing good practices and initiatives in the Carpathian region prove that in a short period of time we are able to achieve a concrete result.

The Strategy for the Carpathian Region must be mainstreamed in the objectives of the European territorial development policy.

The invited guests include representatives of the Carpathian regions, international experts, specialists from the European Commission and the Committee of the Regions, ambassadors and members of the National Parliaments.