09.04. - 10.04.2014

9-10 April 2014, Sonderjylland-Schleswig: AEBR Task Force Cultural meeting

Location: Sonderjylland-Schleswig

Contact person
Rudolf Godesar

AEBR Task Force Cross-Border Culture, Coordinator:
B - Gospertstraße 42, 4700 Eupen
Tel: +32 (0) 87/789 630;
GSM: +32.474.65.07.14;

Message in English / Message in German / Message in French

Simultaneous translation in EN / FR / EN is provided for the meeting on 10 April.

Dear Members of AEBR,

Our culture meeting in Sonderjylland-Schleswig is already in 17 days.
Many of you who have announced their interest to participate are not yet enrolled.
Please register immediately, so that we can arrange the practical thinks like program, catering, and bus transfers.

Concerning the projects for which some regions seek partners from other border regions we revives the followings:
- the online platform for young volunteer journalists from the Greater Region (LU/DE/FR/BE) to share cultural life and cultural views. Katharina Klein and Melanie Petton are interested in learning about similar cultural projects aimed at young people as well as finding partners for Youth Exchanges and Youth Initiatives about cultural journalism.
- The gallery ‘Les Drapiers’ (BE) is involved in many partnerships in particular with cultural Centre that deals with Textile Art in Europe. In 2012, contemporary artist created card games in honour of the exhibition D’JOKER. The card games are travelling objects without borders! They are also generators of links! For these reasons Annik Houyon and Denise Biernaux wish to find partners who would be interested to play with them.
- Chris Keulen is a contemporary high award-winning photographer who has documented the Euregio Meuse-Rhine with his special view. He wants to do this in other European border regions too. Are you interested to tackle in this adventure?
- The Porcelain Museum “Porzellanikon” and Mrs. Goebel and Mr. Siemen of the Euregio Egrensis (CZ/DE) are looking for partners for a project documenting and exploring developments of European porcelain industry across borders.
- The Mundaneum, the forerunner of today's Internet search engines - such as Google- and its president Jean-Paul Deplus from ECOC 2015 Mons (BE / FR) search partners from other European border regions, for the dissemination of the history of Internet-based technologies;
- SPACE-Collection supports visual artists by creating a cross-border collection of contemporary art by disseminating in urban centres terminals that activate a sculpture (fire, water jet, movement ...) and inviting passersby to insert a coin into this terminal. Julie Hanique and Alain de Ckerk are looking for new partners to expand this international network.

Concerning the topics that were requested to discus, were submitted the following:
- The cooperation for a cultural database for Europe’s Border Regions,
- Cooperation of border regions in terms of social Secretarial/mobility and Crowd funding for artists ;
- Audience development: How to engage audiences across all borders?

Please ask in your border regions, whether one of these projects / topics can be of interest for your cultural actors.

The missing detailed project descriptions and themes come in the next days.
We look forward to your answers and our meeting.

See you soon and all the best,

Rudolf Godesar
Coordinator AEBR Task Force CB Culture
Euregio Meuse-Rhine