26.06. - 27.06.2014

26-27 June 2014, Brussels: Bridge the Innovation Gap by Innovation Procurement

Enabling new forms of cross-sector collaboration by Pre-commercial Procurement and Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions
Location: Brussels

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The European Commission is organising, in cooperation with the CoR, a workshop on innovation procurement where the presence of representatives and experts on EGTCs can be very interesting. Mr Michel Lebrun, representing the CoR, will open the seminar on Thursday 26, and Mr Alfonso Alcolea, administrator of the EGTC Platform, will moderate a roundtable on Friday 27.

Innovation Procurement is a very important tool to achieve innovation goals at regional level. Therefore EU support to the implementation of Innovation Procurements will be provided not only in the framework of H2020 but also by the ESIF of the next programming period. Moreover synergies between the above funding resources will encourage the mainstreaming of Innovation Procurement implementation across Europe.

The role of the EGTCs in that case is of extreme importance as provisions of H2020 allow the EGTCs to submit project proposals as sole participants. (This derogation from the general rules is foreseen only for the EGTCs and the European Research Infrastructure Consortia - ERICs). In view also of the new procurement directives that foresee the implementation of joint procurements the role of the EGTCs is even more important.

We believe that the event on Innovation Procurement will be very interesting for the EGTC community that will attend the EGTC workshop on 26 June. The presentations and the discussions on the 27th (morning) which do not overlap with the workshop on 26/6 will focus more on the regional aspect of the Innovation Procurement emphasizing on the key role of the EGTCs.

Registration for the Innovation Procurement conference is open on the following link, where you can find also more info on that event.

(Source of this information : CoR EGTC team)