18.09. - 20.09.2014

18-20 September 2014 INTERMODES Study Visit

Passenger Transport Intermodality in Europe - Study visit to Pontevedra: Metrominuto
Location: Pontevedra

Contact person
François Gigot (

On 18, 19 & 20 September 2014, INTERMODES, in partnership with the City of Pontevedra (Gallicia, Spain), offers you to discover Metrominuto, the first pedestrian mobility scheme implemented at the scale of a city in Europe.
Called Metrominuto, the first pedestrian network propose a 100% non-motorized option, above all, 100% accessible to Pontevedra inhabitants and tourists.

Metrominuto is materialized by a map, similar to a metro map, showing distances and walking time between the main city's infrastructure and centers of interest.

83% of Europeans still prefer their car to commute or travel, when 30% of car rides in the city cover distances below 3 km, and 50% below 5 km!
Metrominuto is an alternative to short rides which is greener, cheaper and better for the health, and which should set an example for small and medium size European cities.
Divided up into workshops and field visits, the study visit is also the opportunity to meet with the Mayor de Pontevedra and his team during a dinner and to tour the Rias Baixas. You will meet in an ultra privileged context, the elected representatives and the technicians in charge of mobility in Pontevedra and its surroundings (200 000 inhabitants).

Study visits are participating in the Sustainable Urban Mobility Campaign "DO THE RIGHT MIX" of the European Commission, of which INTERMODES is partner.

Information: or +33 (0)1 42 66 63 25