2 December 2014, Brussels: CoR Conference on „Governing a multilevel Europe“

Location: Brussels, CoR premises

On 2 December, the Committee of the Regions will hold a conference on "Governing a multilevel Europe".

The event is open to national, regional and local members of government, high-level officials and representatives from the EU institutions, international organisations and European associations as well as renowned academic experts.

Toward the background of the CoR's recently adopted Charter on Multilevel Governance, the conference will discuss the state of play regarding multilevel governance in the EU and focus on two key issues:
(a) EU cohesion policy and its connection with the Europe 2020 strategy;
(b) the role of regions and cities in communicating Europe and EU citizenship.

More information and the possibility to register can be found here:

Please note that on 2 December, between 9:30 and 12:30, the event can also be followed live on the internet: