23 April 2015, Luxembourg-City: Workshop "What European territory do we want?"

Workshop preparing a political debate on Territorial Scenarios and Visions of Europe for 2050, organised by the incoming Luxembourg Council Presidency in the framework of the IT-LV-LU Trio Presidency Programme
Location: Luxembourg City

Contact person
Thiemo W. Eser
Chef de division adjoint Affaires européennes
Ministère du Développement durable et des Infrastructures
Département de l’aménagement du territoire
Bureaux : 4, place de l’Europe . L-1499 Luxembourg
Adresse postale : L-2946 Luxembourg
Tél. (+352) 247-86934 . Fax (+352) 408970

In the view of the incoming Presidency in the second semester 2015, Luxembourg is organising within the framework of the IT-LV-LU Trio Presidency Programme a workshop with the title: “What European territory do we want?” on territorial scenarios and visions of Europe for 2050. This workshop will take place in Luxembourg-City on 23rd April 2015. (see attached programme).

The workshop has the purpose of exploring the potentials of a political debate on European territorial scenarios and visions. There will be two blocks dedicated to scenarios and visioning with a presentation of available material and impulse statements. The focus will be on discussing the long-term potentials and challenges of the European territory, creating awareness of the impacts of (sectoral) policies in the future, and critically assessing the material and evidence that are available.

The target audience of the workshop are policymakers and administrators, academics and consultants, as well as stakeholders from all sectors at the European, transnational, national, and regional level motivated to discuss the future of the European Territory.

Further details and a provisional programme
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The Presidency team of the Department for Spatial Planning and Development is looking forward to welcoming you in Luxembourg.