Eurodistrict Saar-Moselle


Founded in 1997
Member of AEBR since 2014

President: Peter Gillo, Director of the Regionalverband Saarbrücken

Vice-President: Roland Roth, President of the Communauté d’agglomération Sarreguemines Confluences


GECT « Eurodistrict Saarmoselle » / EVTZ "Eurodistrikt Saarmoselle"
Communauté d´agglomération Sarreguemines Confluences  

Contact: Isabelle Prianon

99 rue du Maréchal Foch
BP 80805 F-57200 Sarreguemines
Phone: Tel.: +49 (0)681/506-8010
Telefax: Fax: +49 (0)681/506-5020
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