Regional Council of South Karelia


Member of AEBR since 1998

Host region for Joint Managing and Contracting Authority of South-East-Finland – Russia ENPI Programme 2007 - 2013

Partners in Finland: Kymenlaakso and South Savo regions
Partners in Russia: City of St. Petersburg, Leningrad region&l



Chairman Mr. Jukka Kopra

1. Vice Chairman, Mr. Jukka Kärnä

2. Vice Chairman, Mr. Ari Berg



Chairman Mr. Ari Torniainen

1. Vice Chairman, Mr. Tapio Virkki

2. Vice Chairman, Mr. Kari Metsäkallio


Contact persons:

Mr. Matti Viialainen, regional mayor

Mr. Johannes Moisio, Head of Cooperation with Interest Groups


Representation of South Karelia towards the AEBR

Mr. Ari Berg, member of the Board

Mr. Johannes Moisio, Vice Board member, Chairman of the Task Force External Borders

Mr. Tapio Virkki, participant in the General Assembly

Mr. Kari Metsäkallio, participant in the General Assembly

Mr. Johannes Moisio, Head of Operational Unit, South-East-Finland – Russia ENPI Programme

Kauppakatu 40 D
Phone: 00358 5 6163 100
Telefax: 00358 5 6163 141
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