Rights and obligations of members:
  • They are entitled to collaborate in forming AEBR policy. Members are regularly informed about current cross-border issues and developments at European level.
  • Members can vote in the elections of the AEBR Executive Committee (incl. President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, Auditors, Chairman of Advisory Committee) every second year, thus influencing the AEBR policy.
  • Members are entitled to make use of the AEBR’s services, programmes, website, and facilities.
  • Members can apply for a password to get free access to the administration section of AEBR’s homepage, where they can announce meetings as well as important news from their region.
  • Members are obliged to support the work of the AEBR with a view to promoting cross-border regional cooperation and development, both nationally and throughout Europe. They must keep the AEBR informed about current developments in their border regions.
  • Members are obliged to pay the fees agreed by the General Assembly, subject to the provisions of the Statutes and the rules governing membership contributions.

The income of AEBR consists of membership fees and grants (awarded by national governments or the European Commission, for example).

How to apply for AEBR membership?
There is no special form. An official letter expressing the wish to become a member of AEBR is sufficient. It should also be stated that the applicant has read and accepted the statutes and the fee regulation of AEBR. Feel free to contact the AEBR Head office if you need more information!