Wednesday, 21st September 2011, Moscow: AEBR Forum on “Border Policies and Cross-border Cooperation”:

80 delegates attend the forum and the signature of a 'Memorandum of Cooperation' between Rosgranitsa and AEBR


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the AEBR Forum on “Border Policies and Cross-border Cooperation” was held at the EU delegation in the Russian Federation in Moscow ( .

Mr. Etienne Claeye, Head of EU-Russia Cooperation Section, EU Delegation to the Russian Federation, welcomed the participants and opened the Round Table on “Border Policies and CBC”, which was moderated by AEBR Secretary General Martín Guillermo Ramírez. Mr. Claeye introduced the cooperation programmes between the EU and the Russian Federation, in particular the modernization initiatives; Mr. Igor Mozgo, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, presented the promotion of Interregional and Cross-Border Cooperation initiatives at regional level by the Russian Government, despite of the necessary border control; Dr. Christian Gsodam, Committee of the Regions (EU), introduced the initiatives developed by the CoR to activate the participation of regional and local authorities in the integrated cooperation platforms promoted by the CoR in the Neighbourhood countries (ARLEM in the Mediterranean and CORLEAP within the Eastern Partnership); and Dr. Rebeca Steiman, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (BR), introduced the current situation at the borders of Brazil, showing similar challenges as those in the Russian Federation.

The President of the AEBR, Mr. Karl-Heinz Lambertz, Minister President of the German-speaking Community of Belgium (BE), and Ambassador Fernando Valenzuela, Head of Delegation of the European Union to the Russian Federation, closed the discussions of the forum with remarkable speeches about the necessary cooperation between the EU and the Russian Federation. Ambassador Valenzuela presented some interesting initiatives to promote the participation of regional authorities from Western and Eastern Europe and President Lambertz highlighted the values of CBC as a valid instrument for regional development and for the benefit of the citizens in all territories, despite their location.

80 participants representing border and cross-border regions from all over Europe took part in this Forum.

Photo by Press-Service of Rosgranitsa

Highlight of the forum was the Signature of a Memorandum of Cooperation between Rosgranitsa and AEBR with the aim to cooperate on informational exchange in the area of management of the checkpoints’ infrastructure and its influence in the development of cross-border territories. As an output, better knowledge about the best practice available on the combined management of border control and cross-border cooperation.

Detailed information about Rosgranitsa (The Federal Agency for the Development of State Border Facilities of the Russian Federation) is available at  

Photo by Press-Service of Rosgranitsa
Photo by Press-Service of Rosgranitsa
AEBR Forum in Moscow (Photo by Johannes Moisio)

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