Hidranatura, a Cross-Border initiative promoted by the University of Extremadura (ES), the University of Evora (PT) and the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (PT) together with the firm support of national and international prestigious expert organisations and businesses, has been awarded on 21st October the qualification of Campus of International Excellence for the Efficient Management of Natural Hydrological Resources.

HIDRANATURA presents a priority plan focused on a strategic area worldwide in order to provide answers to the current problems regarding water resources and dependent natural ecosystems in the short term. Its main goal is to become a reference point of international excellence in research, development, management and exploitation of natural hydrological resources, constituting a reliable motivated aggregation of assets involving all relevant stakeholders in the field. The aim is to develop an academic, scientific, entrepreneurial and innovative environment with a high potential of cross-border campus and international repute that will benefit employability and innovative entrepreneurship in order to be present and stronger and find its place in the specialized world.

The AEBR signed an agreement with the University of Extremadura during the process to support this initiative to be qualified.

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