9th General Structured Dialogue on the Commission Work Programme 2012:

Brussels, 15 December 2011


The CoR invited to a structured dialogue meeting on the European Commission's Work Programme 2012, which took place on 15 December 2011. This meeting was a general dialogue in which the EC services presented the European Commission's Work Programme 2012 and discussed it with the Secretaries General of the associations of local and regional authorities.

AEBR Secretary General Martín Guillermo Ramírez presented the following questions on behalf of our association: 


Topic N° 1:

As any other European citizen, the first topic is the intense crisis affecting some European countries. Which are the main drivers of the EU to handle the crisis? Is a stronger role foreseen for local and regional authorities?


Topic N° 2:

We can see that growth and employment are very much present in the working programme: promotion of social economy, renewed flexicurity, green and youth employment, etc. Are these initiatives just thought to complement already existing national programmes in certain Member states, or will they be more “aggressive”, addressing key challenging European areas? (with European monitoring, and implemented closer to the citizens, i.e. through the regional and local level)


Topic N° 3:

What are the perspectives in 2012 to carry out fundamental discussions (and decisions) with Member states on the MFF 2014-2020 as it has been proposed by the Commission, and the completion of the Single Market Act as a remedy against the crisis?


Topic N° 4:

We are very interested in following the next generation of border checks and how they can affect cross-border cooperation. We are aware of the need to fight cross-border crime, particularly at the external borders of the EU, and we hope that ICTs can be used to increase safety while making border crossing more comfortable for the citizens.



Topic N° 5:

Is it foreseen any further measure to be approved in 2012 regarding cross-border health?



The Commission's Work Programme is available via the following links in 
English: http://ec.europa.eu/atwork/programmes/docs/cwp2012_en.pdf
French: http://ec.europa.eu/atwork/programmes/docs/cwp2012_fr.pdf
German:  http://ec.europa.eu/atwork/programmes/docs/cwp2012_de.pdf

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