1st Congress on Smart Cooperation :

25-26 June 2012, A Coruña, Spain


Nearly 400 participants attended this "1st Congress on Smart Cooperation" organised by the CECICN (Conference of European Cross-border and Interregional City Networks). The objective of CECICN is to boost territorial cooperation among border cities in Europe and to reinforce the message concerning the importance of territorial cooperation. CECICN members represent more than 500 cities in border regions and 37% of European population.


AEBR First Vice-President Ann-Sofi Backgren (left) also took the floor on the occasion of the 1st Congress on Smart Cooperation (Source: M.O.T.)

The  proposals issued by the strategic document prepared jointly by the CECICN and the AEBR, demonstrating that the territorial cooperation has proved its European, political, institutional, economic and socio-cultural added value, is available for download from the CECICN website:


Participants of the 1st Congress on Smart Cooperation (Source: M.O.T.)

More information about this 1st Congress on Smart Cooperation is provided in the Press Release (available in English and French, issued by the M.O.T.):

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