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VII Cross Border Cooperation Summer School 13-17 August 2012.:


Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation has been organizing cross-border cooperation summer schools since 2004. 

Summer School 2012 takes place on 13-17 August in Tartu, Estonia with the filed trips to the Lake Peipsi communities. Around 25  experts from Norwegian, Finnish, Estonian, Lithuanian, Russian, Ukrainian  NGOs, local municipalities,  and high educational institutions are expected in Tartu. 

Cross-Border Cooperation Summer School covers diverse topics starting from the EU cross-border cooperation policies or collective memories of borderlands and ending with examples of joint projects- for example FP7 research project EUBORDERREGIONS - bringing together 14 partners from different sides of the EU borders. 

Geographically the main focus is on Baltic and Barents Sea Region; presenting the case studies of Norwegian-Russian, Finnish-Russian, Estonian-Russian, Lithuanian-Russian but also Ukrainian border regions.  

The presenters of the summer school attempt to cover not only intergovernmental relations but also non-governmental activities such as civil society and high educational organizations in border areas.   Moreover, participants will visit the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Branch Office in Tartu and Tartu city government; meet the representatives of Narva-Ivangorod twin cities and of  Mustvee and Kallaste towns - situating on the shores of transboundary Lake Peipsi/Chudskoe . The field trip to the Estonian-Russian border communities will enrich the participants’ practical experience and they will have opportunity to know local people and culture.  

The summer school will provide an efficient contribution to closer contacts and facilitate the initiation of joint projects on the cross-border regions, enhanced collaboration between officials and researchers and help to better promote the region externally. The summer school is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers, Estonian Development cooperation Programme and EU FP7 Programme. 

For more information:
Margit Säre, 
EUBORDERREGIONS project Estonian coordinator

EUBORDERREGIONS: European Regions, EU External Borders and the Immediate Neighbours. Analysing Regional Development Options through Policies and Practices of Cross-Border Co-operation"  is a 4-years long FP7 research project (2011-2015), with the main objective to identify challenges to economic, social and territorial cohesion as well as regional development potentials in different borderlands at the EU’s external frontiers.

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