AEBR Award 'Sail of Papenburg 2010' - Apply now! :


The AEBR Award "Sail of Papenburg", endowed by the Ems Dollart Region in the year 2002, will be bestowed also in the year 2010.

Awarded shall be one or more outstanding activities in/of a border or cross-border region. The motto of this year is very much related to the main subject of the AEBR Annual Conference that takes place from 21st to 23rd October 2010 in Dundalk, East Border Region (Republic of Ireland/Northern Ireland), where the winner of the AEBR Cross Border Award "Sail of Papenburg 2010" will be presented and awarded the prize.

The motto for this year's award is:

"Territorial Cooperation in a Post-Crisis Scenario. Contribution of Cross-Border Cooperation.”

Enclosed to this invitation please find the application form and the criteria for bestowing the award.

We kindly ask you to submit your application by 20 September 2010 at the latest.

Form and criteria of the Award 2010 - Download

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