Your voice matters! Faites entendre votre voix! Survey: Local Authorities Development Issues / Enquête : Questions de développement pour les autorités locales / Encuesta: Temas de Desarrollo para las Autoridades Locales:

Local elected representatives, local civil servants, and anyone working with local governments have until 26 November to answer the questionnaire set up by PLATFORMA. The online survey is launched in the context of the consultation organised by the network on the future EU strategy of support to local and regional authorities in partner countries. As partner of PLATFORMA, AEBR invites all members to take part in this survey!


It takes less than 10 minutes to fill out, please answer immediately !
(Please click here for information in FRENCH.) 

Why this consultation ?

The European Commission is redefining its policy of support to local and regional authorities in partner countries. The new policy is expected to be released early 2013, through a Communication entitled ‘Local authorities in development’. In order to inform this process, PLATFORMA is organising a consultation, endorsed by the European Commission.

In addition to the above mentioned online survey, eight round tables with local elected representatives from Europe and partner countries are being held thanks to the collaboration of PLATFORMA partners. You can find the full list of events in the PLATFORMA calendar.

Based on the round tables and on the results of the online survey, PLATFORMA will submit a report to the European Commission, which will feature programming and policy recommendations.


(Source: PLATFORMA website.) 

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