10 October 2012: Meeting of the AEBR Advisory Committee in Brussels:

From left to right: Alfonso Alcolea, EGTC Platform, CoR; Dirk Ahner, former Director General of DG Regio; Karl-Heinz Lambertz, AEBR President; Christian Gsodam, Advisor of the Secretary General, CoR; Welf Selke; Pavel Branda, Euregio Neisse; Reinhold Kolck, Vice-Chairman of the Beirat; Jens Gabbe, Chairman; Haris Martinos; Moray Gilland, Cabinet of the Director General, DG Regio; Martín Guillermo Ramírez, AEBR Secretary General.

In the crucial phase of the debates on the future Cohesion and Regional Policy regulations, in particular also for Territorial Cooperation, the AEBR Advisory Committee met on 10 October 2012 in Brussels. Secretary General  Martín Guillermo Ramírez and Advisory Committee Chair Jens Gabbe welcomed former DG REGIO Director General Dirk Ahner as new member in this committee. The meeting was also attended by Moray Gilland from the Cabinet of the Director General of DG  REGIO,  Jose Antonio Ruiz de Casas, GD Regio, Christian Gsodam, Advisor to the CoR Secretary General and Alfonso Alcolea, responsible for EGTCs at the CoR. Due to the significance of the meeting, AEBR President Karl-Heinz Lambertz attended as well. The discussions concentrated on latest decisions of the European Parliament concerning the regulations, particularly with regard to the Commission Document “Elements of a Common Strategic Framework”. Further topics dealt with the EGTCs, the situation at the external borders of the EU and AEBR‘s proposals on how they could still be included in the current negotiations. With Mr. Pieper, Vice-Chair of the Committee on Regional Development, who was unable to attend the Advisory Committee meeting due to a voting taking place at the Parliament at the same time, will be informed about the results of the meeting and their implementation, as well as about latest developments with regard to the Connecting Europe Facility.

> Draft AEBR Position Paper on the New Regulations for European Cohesion 2014-2020.

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