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AEBR Task Force of External Borders (TFEB) Seminar and Meeting in Lugansk, Euroregion Donbass, 22-23 October 2012:

AEBR TFEB meeting 23_10_2012 in Lugansk (source: Mr. Lesnoi, Lugansk Administration)

The AEBR Task Force of External Borders (TFEB) held its meeting in Lugansk, Euroregion Donbass, on  23rd October 2012. This meeting focussed on introducing the work of AEBR and TFEB to the Ukrainian and Russian participants, deepening the cooperation of TFEB and Euregion Donbass as well as on planning the year 2013 activities.

The meeting was chaired by the chairman of Task Force of External Borders, Mr Johannes MOISIO. At the end of the meeting Chairman Johannes MOISIO and Vice Governor Anatoliy Vasilievich REPICKIY signed a joint letter of intents, aiming to:

Signing Letter of Intention (source: Mr. Lesnoi, Lugansk Administration)
  • support projects' development in the Donbass region,
  • improve the relations between Euroregion Donbass and the European Institutions,
  • enhance the development of CBC by exchanging best practises,
  • prepare an action plan which consists of actions in assisting Euroregion Donbass in creating CBC projects,
  • assist Euroregion Donbass in creation of a Youth Summer School on Ecology.

During the Task Force of External Borders meeting, it was also agreed that 2-3 persons from Eureregion Donbass are welcome to the TFEB meetings held in various places in Europe.

Lugansk Seminar 22_10_2012 (source: Mr. Lesnoi, Lugansk Administration)

The Task Force meeting was preceded by a seminar attended by over 50 participants, mostly from Ukraine and Russia. This seminar "The Border as an Innovative Environment: Cross-Border Logistics and Ecology" presented development efforts on EU-Russia as well as Ukraine-Russia border crossings, services related to the border and on logistical corridors. The seminar was chaired by Vice Governor Eduard Moiseiovich LOZOVSKYY.

The afternoon session of the seminar approach by several ways the environmental questions at the Ukrainian-Russians borderlands; border-crossing rivers, mine waters, environmental networks, UNDP efforts for the nature and participation of scientists in the environmental work.

At the end of the programme, representatives of the AEBR Task Force of External Borders met Volodimir Mikolaiovich PRISTJUK, the Governor of Lugansk Oblast. The discussion pointed out that, although once closed, Lugansk region is open for investments and cooperation with European bodies. 

Photo Gallery (Source of the photos: Johannes Moisio / Mr. Lesnoi, Lugansk Administration)

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