CoR consultation on Territorial Impact Assessment – deadline 20 March :


In parallel to the ordinary work of the EGTC Platform, the Subsidiarity Monitoring Network of the Committee of the Regions has launched a consultation in which you might be interested to take part, if you wish. The consultation is focused on the "Assessment on territorial impacts".  

The European Commission has recently issued a Staff Working Document aimed at providing operational and methodological guidance on how to address the territorial implications of policy proposals deemed to have territorial impacts.  In the recent years the issue of regional diversity and the need for in-depth assessment of the territorial and regional effects of EU sectorial policies have been in the focus of the European policy debate. In particular, the need to coordinate all sectoral policies that have a strong territorial impact and to measure the territorial impact of those policies are essential for the development of territorial cohesion and for the reinforcement of economic and social cohesion.  

Given the importance of the issues at stake, the Committee of the Regions is currently preparing an own initiative opinion on this subject matter, for which Mr Michael Schneider has been appointed as CoR rapporteur within the COTER commission. An exchange of views on this dossier is foreseen at the next COTER commission meeting on 26 February, which will be followed by the first discussion and adoption of the draft opinion on 7 May and by the adoption of the final opinion in the CoR plenary session on 3 or 4 July 2013. 

The stakeholders grouped in the EGTC Platform can provide their point of view from the perspective of border regions and cities, and also of cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation. We hereby invite you to answer to a range of questions included in a tailored questionnaire. You can access the questionnaires in all EU official languages by clicking here:
To know more about the Impact Assessment:  

In order to be able to use your input in the preparation of the draft opinion and possibly introduce amendments based thereon, we should be very grateful if you could send us at (with in copy please) your comments and/or answers before 20 March 2013. 

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