Social Agenda 34 - Free movement of EU workers:


Social Agenda No 34 features the European Commission’s recent proposal to concretely help EU workers who want to move, or already have moved, within the European Single Market. Although the EU legislation on the freedom of movement of workers dates back to 1968, the right to equal treatment with the workers of the host country (i.e. non-discrimination on the grounds of nationality) is still not familiar to many, including among national and local civil servants. Social Agenda also looks from an employment and social affairs angle at the EU budgetary framework leading up to 2020, the need for common European indicators to improve cohesion policy and the 2013 European Semester. And it explains why "Social Europe" is one of the European Commission's most popular social media platforms. Social Agenda will be available in printed format in English, French and German.


Via the above link, you can download this edition of Social Agenda, which also contains a special feature on cross-border commuters and the project 'Improving information for commuters in European border regions', implemented by AEBR from 2011 to 2012.   

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