OPEN DAYS 2010 :

8th European Week of Regions and Cities Brussels, 4 - 7 October 2010


AEBR President Karl-Heinz Lambertz speaks in Workshop 06B37 "EGTC – Towards the revision of the legislative framework" (taking place on 6 October 2010 as well). The aim of the workshop is to present the conclusions of the Joint Consultation on EGTC that was launched last 3 May in Cáceres, Spain, by the CoR, the Trio of Presidencies, the European Commission and Interact. During the workshop, the EGTC network will be officially presented. This network will involve involving the existing EGTCs and the EGTCs under construction, and also members of the existing expert group and other stakeholders.

AEBR Secretary General Martín Guillermo Ramírez is one of the speakers in workshop 06B42 “Cross-border cooperation and regional innovation systems in Latin America: contribution to the regional integration process (taking place on 6 October 2010) . The workshop will present the main results of two studies conducted by DG REGIO on cross-border cooperation and regional innovation systems in Latin America. The studies provide key findings and good practices in some selected regions in Latin America, through the development of case studies underlying, on the one hand, the place-based dimension of innovation and, on the other hand, the main challenges faced by Latin American border regions to develop an effective cross-border cooperation.

The presentations will focus on indentifying lessons learned and obstacles identified as well as the relevance of international and European experiences to overcome those obstacles.

Another interesting workshop is organised by EURISY on ‘Tackling socio-economic disparities using satellite information and services‘ (05.10.2010, Code 05A32).

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