Future of cross-border cooperation between Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland:


Lutsk, situated in the Euroregion Bug (Poland/Ukraine/Belarus) was venue of a seminar on inviation of Volyn Oblast, the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation (represented by the leader of the office in Kiev, Ms  Gabriele Baumann) and the AEBR. 27 representatives from all partners at the external border of the EU with the Ukraine attende the seminar from 4-6 September and discussed about upcoming regulations on the EU Neighbourhood Programme, new possibilities offered by EGTC in order to involve third countries, and the improvment and intensification of cbc at the western border of the Ukraine with all neighbours. 

Despite the fact that this border region is not easily reachable, nobody of the invited representatives declined from attending. High-ranking national officials responsible for EU programmes came from Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, the Ukraine and Belarus. Additionally, also all border regions concerned were present. Ms. Bodil Persson, deputy head of unit for eastern neighbourhood programmes attended on behalf of hte EU, and Mr. Lucas Reichel participated on behalf of Mr. Zeller, rapporteur on this topic within the Euroepan Parliament. 

The seminar was held in a crucial period of time, some few months prior to the adoption of the new Eu regulation. This was also underlined by the lively debates. The concrete proposals of the AEBR to intensify and improve the cooperation were supported. 

Governor Boris Klimchuk, who knows the representative of the AEBR, Mr. Jens Gabbe, already for more than 20 years, reserved one hour for a personal discussion, during which he underlined the significance of future relationships with his neighbours and particularly with the EU. 

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