9th-21st September, Latin America: in the framework of the projects “EU-Latin America collaboration on cross-border cooperation in the framework of Regional Policy", and “EU-Central America cooperation: support to Central American Integration System (SICA) CBC actions”, under implementation by the AEBR in 2013, several events have been organized in Brazil, Perú, Colombia and El Salvador:


9th September, Foç do Iguaçu (Brazil), Triple Border AR-BR-PY: Technical Symposium to characterize a “World Class Border Region”, organized by SEBRAE, AEBR and other partners.

11th September: Puno (Peru): Workshop on Peru-Bolivia Cross-Border Integration in the Andean Community. Regional Government of Puno.

13th September, Lima (Peru): Workshop on Exchange of EU-Andean Experiences on Cross-Border Integration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru.

16th September: Mini-workshop at the Gulf of Fonseca (El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua)

17th September, Leticia (Colombia): I International Seminar on CBC at the Triple Amazonian Border.

18th September, Tabatinga (Brazil): XI Meeting of the Focal Point for Development and Integration of the Amazonian Border Strip, University of the State of Amazonas (UEA).

18th September: Mini-Workshop with the SICA in San Salvador.

19th September, Islandia (Peru): Border Integration Meeting, Islandia City Hall.

19th September, San Salvador (El Salvador): Workshop with the CEPA (Autonomous Harbour Executive Commission), the Harbour City Committee and other institutions.

20th September, San Salvador: Meeting with the Secretary General of the SICA.

21st September, San Salvador: Workshop with the SICA’s Agency for Border Security.

25th September, Metapán (El Salvador): Mini-workshop at the Trifinio (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras).

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