Spatial Foresight searching for 16 partners to work on multi-level governance in support of Europe 2020:


Spatial Foresight is currently working on a study for DG Regio adressing the multilevel governance dimension of the Europe 2020 implementation. In the context of this study we are looking for 16 twinning regions (see also: 

A call is now open to select 16 regions or cities interested in partnering with 8 case study regions on improving multi-level governance: deadline 22 January 2014

The study, funded by DG REGIO and carried out by a consortium led by Spatial Foresight, aims to generate lessons from policy experiences and to stimulate learning and exchange between regions. 

The study focuses on two policy fields linked to the Europe 2020 Strategy; energy efficiency measures with a special focus on the existing building stock and social inclusion in urban areas. The partnering over 12 months is accompanied by the consortium, which will provide technical assistance, facilitation support and analysis of the cases and networking. More details on the call and application 

In case you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Sofie Jaeger, details as follows: 

Sofie Jæger
Spatial Foresight GmbH
7, rue de Luxembourg
L-7330 Heisdorf
Tel. +352 691 87 32 05

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