AEBR Task Force "Future Interreg Programmes" held on 8 November 2013 in the scope of the AEBR Annual Conference:


German, Swiss, Czech and Hungarian participants from different levels (central government, research institution, euroregion) of implementation had very interesting consultations on the challenges of designing the new 2014-2020 cross-border operational programmes on the internal and external borders of the EU.

There were discussions on the difficulties to choose the 4 thematic priorities out of 11 thematic priorities in case of ERDF funded programmes and 4 out of 8 priorities in case of IPA funded CBCs.

Mr. Walter Deffaa, the Director General of DG Regio encouraged the participants during the AEBR General Assembly to use Integrated Territorial Investments (ITI) in the cross-border regions and an interesting question was arisen on the Task Force meeting: how it is possible to combine the CBC funds with the mainstream operational funds in order to create an ITI.

The members of the TF exchanged their experience about the decentralisation of the management of the CBC funds and some good examples were presented from different parts of Europe.

All over Europe there is a strong need of development of CB transport but unfortunately the CBC funds are not sufficient to develop these types of missing links between the Member States so coordination of the European Commission would be necessary in order to provide solutions for the insufficient CB transport connections.

The participants of the TF has decided to formulate a position paper to the EC in order to describe the needs of the CB structures for the next programming period and ask for further clarification in the above mentioned topics.

The TF Interreg meeting was lead by Ms. Eszter Csókási (Euroregion DKMT).

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