Meeting of the group of German AEBR members on 8 November 2013in Liège (in the scope of the AEBR Annual Conference 2013) :


egions met to discuss latest developments and topics of particular relevance to the German border regions.

During this, different subjects were taken up by the German group, e.g. the new Interreg 5A - funding . Support  for the small projects fund is a concern of many border regions. It was clarified that the new 2020 strategies do not represent  an obstacle,  but that they rather call for a proper categorization provides .

Another issue was the planning for 2014. Urban-rural spatial planning would also from the perspective of the German -Danish border region be of high relevance, especially due to the planned construction of the Fehmarn Belt Link. The idea is to organise a joint symposium in Berlin on this subject. Another question was if the German group should, as already done in 2012,  plan a joint stand for the Euregia Fair, taking place next  year from 27 to 29 October occurs. Both questions have not yet been clarified , and will therefore be taken up again during a future occasion. 

Other topics included networking with each other and the question of who is a member and how  participation should be handled, even in case of  Associated Members in the future. It turned out that it is whished to continue the  German group as a free group with the main aim of exchanging information.

It was also agreed to continue conversation regarding the agenda and events planning for 2014.


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