Meeting of the AEBR Executive Committee in Udine (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy) on 17 July 2010 :

Report about main topics discussed

Photo 1
AEBR President Karl-Heinz Lambertz, Minister-President of the German-speaking Community of Belgium, and AEBR Secretary General Martín Guillermo-Ramírez (Source: Johannes Moisio, South Karelia)

Meeting of the AEBR Executive Committee

17.09.2010, Udine (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy)

With the presence of Renzo Tondo, President of the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, this year’s third Executive Committee meeting of the Association of European Border Regions took place in Udine. AEBR President Karl-Heinz Lambertz, Secretary General Martín Guillermo Ramírez, 5 Vice-Presidents and 26 members of the Executive Committee discussed current developments and tasks for the future.

The meeting focused i.a. on cooperation with European Institutions with regard to territorial cooperation. Information was given on the key topics of the Structured Dialogue with Commission President Barroso, which took place in June 2010. On that occasion, the European regional associations and the Committee of the Regions passed a joint declaration.

Photo 2
Participants of the Executive Committee meeting (Source: Johannes Moisio, South Karelia)

Another topic discussed was the CoR working paper, prepared by Mr. Constantin Ostaficiuc (RO), with regard to the Commission Communication “Cohesion Policy: Strategic Report 2010 on the Implementation of the Programmes 2007-2013”, as well as other working documents related to the future European territorial cohesion policy and related European debates.

The Executive Committee also debated on the current situation of the EGTCs, perspectives and future related events with the participation of the AEBR (6th October, Open Days).

Furthermore, the current activities to form a political group of CoR representatives from border regions and further steps to be taken in this regard were agreed.

The members of the Executive Committee also decided to sign a partnership agreement with INTERMODES (

Photo 3
Participants of the Executive Committee meeting (Source: Johannes Moisio, South Karelia)

AEBR’s endorsement of the EURISY Position Paper on the need to secure the benefits of satellite services for society, including local and regional authorities was ratified.

Another main topic, which is regularly on the agenda since the beginning of this year, were INTERREG practices. This time, the Öresund region gave its report, and the “German AEBR Members” introduced their works on this regard.

Also with regard to the association itself, numerous issues were discussed with particular relevance for the organisational and financial structure of AEBR. The actions developed to increase income despite of the low fees-discipline in some parts or Europe, the need of a more active participation of AEBR members, particularly those represented in the Executive Committee, the strengthening of our relevance for national governments, amongst others, where discussed in depth to be included in a draft action plan. This should concentrate on improving public communication, gaining relevance and new members. To this end, the 40th anniversary of the AEBR should be used as an opportunity to present achievements and positions. This draft action plan will be passed to the General Assembly for approval (meeting on 21 October 2010 in Dundalk).

Photo 4
From left: AEBR President Karl-Heinz Lambertz, AEBR Vice-President Francois Maitia, AEBR Vice-President and Chairman of the AEBR Cross-Border Award Jury Reinhold Kolck (source: Johannes Moisio, South Karelia)

In the afternoon session, also the AEBR Task Forces had the chance to present their current activities. Ms. van den Zanden presented the current status of a project proposal, which is currently being elaborated by the Task Force “CB Health”.

Please contact the AEBR Secretariat if you want more information about this project proposal.

Johannes Moisio, Chairman of the AEBR Task Force ‘External Borders’, reported about the youth forum held in Trieste this summer, and the preparations of the next one, taking place in Lappeenranta (South Karelia, Finland) in summer 2011. Some information was also offered regarding the preparatory meetings for AEBR General Assembly and Annual Conference 2011 in Kursk (Euroregion Yaroslavna, Russian Federation) in September 2011.

First ideas were launched to create new working groups ‘Knowledge Triangle in Border Regions’ and ‘Cross-Border Labour Market’.

After the meeting, the Executive Committee members attended a reception on invitation of Mr.STEFANO BALLOCH, Mayor of Cividale del Friuli.

On Saturday, the participants of the excursion got to know more about Friuli Venezia Giulia by visiting IGNAO SABBIATORO, TITANIO, PRECENICCO and AQUILEIA.

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