Save the date: 10 avril 2014 - AEBR culture meeting in Sonderjylland-Schleswig (DK-DE) :


The Task Force Cross-Border Culture of the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR: aims at mobilizing the multicultural potential in border regions and promoting the realization of concrete cross-border and transnational cultural projects.   Twice a year, representatives of cultural actors and networks from border regions – the so-called ‘facilitators’ – shall get together in order to exchange their knowledge about the cultural sector, the local networks and cultural workers in their region with other border regions and formulate concrete proposals that could bring together cultural actors and projects throughout Europe. The first meeting will be held on April 10th, organised by the border region Sonderjylland-Schleswig (DK/DE). The Region Sønderjylland-Schleswig was founded in 1997. Based on their successful experiences with three consecutive people-to-people projects and the promotion of about 200 micro-projects, the partner regions have decided to sign a cultural agreement for Sønderjylland-Schleswig. This agreement is based on a four-year cross-border cultural strategy and has a budget of 2.403.502 €.   

Besides getting to know each other, the meeting in April shall focus on two main themes: 
1. People-to-people: we want to exchange views on interesting cultural projects and on how we could achieve a better mobility of cultural actors and users. What interesting cultural projects, themes, networks, cultural workers are there in your region? Are there requests for cooperation?, Are actors looking for partners for specific projects?, What are the challenges…? Amongst other things, we will present you the experiences from the Interreg project CultureDialog with network meetings for cultural actors.  
2. European funding opportunities for cross-border creative projects: What funding opportunities are there in the cultural sector and in the creative industry and what are the funding criteria? Many hopes rest on the Creative Europe program, which will of course be at the centre of our discussions.   If you already have a project or theme in mind for which you are looking for cooperation partners in other border regions, or if there is a cultural theme that you wish to address, like languages, visual arts or street art…, we invite you to send us as soon as possible a short text (max. 1 page) about the project or theme in English. In this way we can send your text to the other participants before the meeting so they can start thinking about possible connections in their border regions.   

The provisional program is as follows: Arrival of the participants on April 9th. In the evening on April 9th, a networking meeting and a little cultural program will be planned. In the morning on April 10th, a short presentation will be held in a plenary session at 9 AM, followed by exchanges in small groups intended to deepen the discussions on the various themes and projects. In the afternoon, the EU program Creative Europe will be briefly presented and a consultation on EU funding programs may be offered if desired.   Soon a detailed program as well as extensive practical information will be published as well.

Interested persons are invited to contact  Rudolf Godesar, Coordinator of the AEBR Task Force Cross-Border Culture, contact details as follow:

Gospertstraße 42
B-4700 EUPEN 
Tel: +32 (0) 87/ 789 630; 
GSM: +32.474.65.07.14; 

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