CALL FOR PAPERS: The image and reality of Europe´s Northern Periphery, and its periphery and their peripheries:

Alternative logics and futures, Rena/Norway, 29-30.9.2014


There are lessons to be learned from how the Northern peripheral regions of Europe combine the delivery of innovation and economic development in a cold climate, and complement this by the simultaneous leadership of the Nordic countries as to global measures of living standards, equalities, gender balance and other indicators of successful economics and societies. 

However, the potential lessons from the resilience of the Nordic countries and their applicability more broadly are disputed, and mostly ignored in journals and strategic documents as their models fail to fit the essential economic discourse, paradigms, strategies and policies of the core of Europe. 

This conference aims to explore the pros and cons of the specific Nordic role model(s), its national variants, its appearance and its images and realities. Of particular interest are the experiences and impacts in peripheral communities – whether defined by geography, social or economic context. 

Compounding their environmental disadvantages, these marginal communities are also categorized through systematically derogatory typologies and images. From the generalized picture, the detailed conference agenda is being constructed around contributions on theory, analysis, policy and implementation of these ‘backwaters’ and of their national representations: to challenge the dominating views. 

The periphery and margins have not been well served by mainstream regional research, policy and development. Even the concepts and strategies applied to explain, to advantage and to regenerate ‘the problem regions’ have tended to neglect the shadow, weak and tail-end areas within these regions. The state-of-the-art in the literature and in policy documents will be examined and explored with regard to the periphery with the same kind of emphasis applied to urban, high-tech structures and processes. We are putting the idea of an alternative reality, even of another logic, on the agenda. As well as this general call for an open approach to these issues, there is an invitation specifically directed to contributions concerning gender, migration/ mobility, local economies and place identity/branding. 

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